Veterinary Scheme - Chilled Semen




This is an optional scheme where one pays a single fee per breeding attempt, to cover the costs of veterinary work necessary to help get your mare in foal and pregnancy testing by ultrasound up to 36-42 days. For information and further explanation of our breeding schemes and services please visit our website at

The cost of this scheme is discounted to £335 + VAT for the first breeding attempt (cycle) if payment is received within 28 days of invoicing. Subsequent cycles will be discounted to £265 + VAT. If payment is not received within 28 days then the discount is removed and the full price of £385, or £315 + VAT is charged.

James R. Crabtree BVM & S, CertEM(Stud Med)., MRCVS.

Chilled Semen

Mares inseminated with Chilled Semen 2018

Veterinary Fees Scheme 

If paid within 28 days of invoice If paid after more than 28 days
1st Cycle Only  £335 + VAT  £385 + VAT
Subsequent Cycles    £265 + VAT £315 + VAT

Following is a breakdown of the procedures included in the scheme.
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Veterinary Fees included where necessary:
A routine visit once a day on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Clitoral CEM swab & laboratory fee, blood test for EVA & EIA; examination of genital organs; ultrasound scans; insemination; hormone injections; a single lavage post breeding; Caslick's operation; pregnancy diagnosis at 14 to 16 days, 24 to 28 days and 36 to 42 days; crushing of one conceptus insets of twins. At Balinmore Stud mares may be inseminated by Mrs Alison Ives, a certified AI technician.

Veterinary Fees NOT included:
Additional visits will be charged at the standard rate of: £20 + VAT for a re-visit on a Monday, Wednesday or a Friday; £40 + VAT for a visit on a Tuesday or Thursday; £75 + VAT for a visit on a Saturday or Sunday. If your mare requires additional visits this will be communicated to the stud owner/manager and be arranged with them. Emergency visits. Management (scans and medical therapies) before the mare is cycling properly or if she has a pre-existing infection; treatment of uterine
infection. Any additional health screening as deemed necessary including sensitivity or Klebsiella capsule typing. Opening Caslick’s in pregnant mares; Regumate; pre-breeding lavage or multiple lavage treatments with fluids and other therapeutic agents post breeding. Treatment for injury, illness or lameness; second opinions and further outside investigations; attendance at foaling; care of sick foal; surgical procedures; routine vaccinations; pregnancy tests after 42 days; fetal sexing and insurance examination. Any sedation considered necessary for mare and/or personnel safety. Please let our office know if you do not require your foal blood typed, identified & micro-chipped. This will be done and charged for unless we areadvised otherwise by you or the stud.

In the event of a negative pregnancy result it will be taken that you wish to repeat this scheme up to a maximum of three attempts unless we are informed otherwise. If you are new to ERS(UK) please take the time to read our terms and conditions (included on Application Form), sign and return an application form as per our new client policy. If an application form is not returned by the commencement of work on your mare we shall assume that your mare is not on the scheme and your veterinary work will be billed and invoiced on a pay as you go basis.

We look forward to working with you and your mare and hope you have the best success in your breeding endeavours. We welcome communication so please speak to one of our office team or one of our veterinary surgeons if you have any questions.

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