Protecting our online visitors is at the heart of everything we do and protecting your information is no exception. This means that any cookies used on our site will not contain personally identifiable information about you. However, we do use cookies on our website to help make your visits more effective so we’d like to explain more about how and why we use them.

The EU Cookie Directive

Changes to online privacy laws across the EU since May 2011 mean that visitors to many websites will start to be asked for their consent for the use of ‘cookies’ and other similar web technologies.

‘Cookies’ are a type of file stored on your internet device (PC, Phone or Tablet) and used by most websites in various ways, including enabling you to login, shop online, and generally personalise your online experience. Cookies can also be used to track your activity and behaviour online, this provides website owners important insights into the quality of their services, enabling them to improve and better meet the needs of all their visitors.

The new legislation was introduced to help you choose whether or not to allow each website you visit to use cookies when you visit them. All of the countries in the EU have similar laws, and all websites are required to gain your consent, although they may do this in different ways.

It is your right to choose if you give your consent or not, but you should be aware that in some cases you may not be able to use or see all of a website, if you do not allow the use of cookies.

Cookies make websites work better

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by websites or sometimes by emails. They provide useful information to companies, which helps in all sorts of ways. For you, it means you can use the site more efficiently. For us, cookies help us to analyse how our visitors interact with our site so we can make improvements.

See more information on our cookies, on the ‘Cookie Removal’ page.

The cookies on this website do not contain personally identifiable information.

“It is possible to ignore the cookie acceptance box and continue to view this website – however the cookie ‘acceptance’ box will continue to remind you. Please be aware that should you choose to block/disable cookies, that on future visits this website, and other websites, may not function correctly”.

Blocking cookies

You can block or delete them via your browser if you wish to, but this will restrict the functions that you’re able to carry out on the web. For more information about how to disable cookies in your browser please use the link to ‘Cookie Removal’ at the top of the page. visit Alternatively, visit the About cookies website

If you share the use of a computer, accepting or rejecting the use of cookies will affect all users of that computer.

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